Dental Care and Diet: The Tooth-Healthy Foods to Include in Your Diet

Your teeth are supposed to be your lifetime partners, but that will only be the case if you take good care of them. Along with having a good oral hygiene routine and visiting your dentist on a regular basis, it’s also important to eat tooth-healthy foods. Some tooth-healthy foods that Dr. Sarah Barber and our Smiles Dental team recommend including in your diet are:

-Dairy: Dairy products are very healthy for your teeth, including cheese, milk, plain yogurt, calcium-fortified tofu, leafy greens, and almonds. These foods have high amounts of calcium and other beneficial nutrients that can help you maintain healthy teeth.

-Protein: Protein-rich foods are also beneficial for your teeth and smile. This is because they contain phosphorus, which is a mineral that plays a critical role in dental health. It protects and rebuilds tooth enamel. The best protein-rich foods to eat are meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.

-Fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables help you achieve a healthy smile because they are high in water and fiber, which balance the sugars they contain. They also help clean the teeth by stimulating saliva production. Plus, many fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C and vitamin A, which promote healthy gums and build tooth enamel.

-Water: Water is the best beverage to drink, which is why it’s best to avoid drinking soda and drink as much water as possible, especially fluoridated water.

To learn more about tooth-healthy foods in Vancouver, Washington, please call our office at 360.553.3271 and talk to your dentist or a member of our dental team. We are here to give you the information you need so you can better understand your oral health!