All You Need to Know About Tooth Erosion

There are many dental issues in the world today, like tooth decay, tooth fractures, gum disease, and root decay. However, there is also tooth erosion, which is an issue many people don’t think about. Tooth erosion occurs when you consume products that contain acid. Some of those products include carbonated drinks, fruit juice, wine, fruit, pickles, yogurt, and honey. Bulimia and acid reflux can also cause tooth erosion.

To help you identify the symptoms of tooth erosion, our Smiles Dental team asks you to look for the following signs:

· Sensitivity: As your enamel wears away, your teeth become extremely sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. You may notice a twinge of pain in your teeth as you consume hot and cold products.

· Discoloration: Acid tends to tear away the outer layer of your tooth, exposing the underlying dentin. Because the dentin is yellow, your smile will turn into a yellow color.

· Rounded teeth: If your teeth appear rounded, it’s because of tooth erosion. The acid that causes the erosion will eat away the corners and edges of your teeth, giving them a sand-blasted look.

· Cracks: Cracks, chips, and roughness may appear on the edges of your teeth.

· Cupping: Craters can appear on the surfaces of your teeth—almost looking like cups. The acid may also make the dental fillings appear to be rising out of your teeth.

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