7 Things You Should Know About Tooth Extractions

Has your dentist told you that you need a tooth extracted? This may seem like a frightening procedure, but your dentist is qualified to give you the best care possible. However, before you go through this procedure, there are a few things you should know about it:

  1. Tooth extractions are completed to benefit your dental health. If your tooth is diseased, fractured, or crowding other teeth, then an extraction may be necessary.
  2. Speak with your dentist about the pain medication you should use after the procedure’s completion. Avoid aspirin because this can thin the blood, making it harder for clotting around the extraction site.
  3. Once the blood clots, your oral tissue begins to heal. The space which the tooth root occupied will fill over time.
  4. Complications that may develop after an extraction include severe pain, swelling, or bleeding that won’t stop. Contact your dentist if you develop any of these problems.
  5. In the 24 hours following the extraction procedure, avoid rinsing your mouth or using a straw because these actions can disrupt the formation of the blood clot.
  6. After the extraction, do not brush and floss the teeth next to the extraction site. Also avoid chewing food in that area in order to keep it clean.
  7. Do not use alcohol and tobacco after an extraction because these substances can delay healing.